For millions of years mankind lived just like animals .Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination We learned to talk . Why won't you talk to me. You never talk to me.What are you thinking.What are you feeling Why won't you talk to me. Where do we go from here. It doesn't have to be like this All we need to do is make sure we keep talking . Keep Talking

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Genesis!

Started the Blog way back last year in December '05 - as luck would have it - have not been very active in this . The reasons are many and the situations are different.
Anna and myself conceptualized a website called "We Need To Talk " over coffee at Amethyst. Lot of thought went into it but it didnt materialize . So i thought let me create a Blog instead for the time being :)
From December '05 till date there has been a sea change in my life . (This is probably an understatement) . Basically found the ONE :) - got engaged- 4 months Courtship - got married - went to mauritius - changed my Job location- Settled into the heart of Chennai - Now paying Credit Card Bills ..... phew!!!!!!!!!!!! you get the drift.

So i thought i may be excused for not Blogging ... for that matter Jogging.. ha ha ...
But let me make a resolution to keep active .. both online and offline ;)) I am sure Shuba would make sure of the second aspect at least!

Catch you very soon with lots of info and discussions.