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Monday, March 30, 2009

Facebook! the statistics - collated at 1600hrs GMT+8 30th March 2009

The growth of Facebook has been phenomenal to say the least . According to this article FB is adding about 700,000 users DAILY! Found it hard to believe until I saw the topline stats

Active Users :
Jan '08 60Mn
Dec '08 140 Mn
Right Now(30th March ) 183,337,980
this is a 300%+ growth in 15 months !

Look at this
Photos Uploaded Daily :
Jan '08 - 14 Mn
Dec '08 - 700 Mn

Active Groups :
Jan '08 - 6 Mn
Dec '08 - 19 Mn

There are numerous other statistics which would be equally hard to belive but as they say fact is stranger than fiction.

By any conventional understanding the numbers seems atrocius , FB has recently announced that they would cross 200Mn soon . Which , going by the above explosive growth , doesnt seem to be a long shot anymore .

My question is where is this heading ? By simple forecasting (not taking into account the exponential growth ) FB should have 1 Billion users by 2011end i.e in less than 3 years. Just Imagine.

I couldnt find the countrywise users of Facebook at one location so thought of compiling one just for fun : Here is a list (ref FB ad manager) for your reference (collated at 1600hrs GMT+8 30th March 2009) . This list would be in obsolete by the time i finish this post and upload it !! But surely it would be good fun to check out the new numbers in about a day or two !!

You my click on the image to see a clearer version. Please feel free to use this : Data source is from Facebook Ad Targeting , but do quote my page when you do that .