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Monday, September 29, 2008

Why dont they do something about their websites!

Medium is the massage !

Yes i agree , but why dont people understand that when in deep shit it is better not to communicate than to communicate anything which seem pretty ... ummmm funny, ironical and in a way -sad !

Sample this - (All websites accesed at 8.15Pm GMT +8 on 29th Sept '08)

Career section of Lehmann Brothers

Experience Lehman Brothers
Make an impact. Engage your passion. Realize your potential. Around the world, the Lehman Brothers team is growing. Explore these pages to learn how you can build a career with us, and experience Lehman Brothers for yourself.

Investment Banking
We provide corporations, governments and other large institutions with the strategic advisory and capital-raising services they need to achieve their goals. This includes advice on mergers and acquisitions, privatizations and debt or equity financings. You will work as a member of project teams, gaining strong corporate finance skills. Investment banking draws on talent and resources from across different industry, product and geographic groups to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

From the section BUSINESSES

Lehman Brothers takes a "One Firm" approach to business, working together across our business groups and actively bringing all of the Firm's resources to bear for our clients. Lehman Brothers maintains leadership positions in equity and fixed income sales, trading and research, investment banking, private investment management, asset management and private equity. Consistently ranked among the world's top investment banks, the Firm's network and access to local and international markets enables it to quickly and effectively solve its clients' diverse financial needs

In the history section :

The history of Lehman Brothers parallels the growth of the United States and its energetic drive toward prosperity and international prominence. What would evolve into a global financial entity began as a general store in the American South. Henry Lehman, an immigrant from Germany, opened his small shop in the city of Montgomery, Alabama in 1844. Six years later, he was joined by brothers Emanuel and Mayer, and they named the business Lehman Brothers.

From Merrill Lynch :

Career section

What Merrill Lynch Offers You
At Merrill Lynch, we believe in the limitless potential of each employee, so we offer you unparalleled opportunities to work on challenging assignments, build your career and realize your potential.
Our premier brand, worldwide presence and diversified capabilities create a dynamic environment of exciting opportunities to explore on a global stage. Working alongside industry-leading professionals and thought leaders, you will experience the satisfaction of creating breakthrough solutions for our clients.
Expect to be a contributor, a collaborator and a colleague. Expect professional achievements and personal fulfillment. Expect continual growth and success.


Company Information
From the number of our offices and employees to the experience of our management and the quality of our financial results, the facts about Morgan Stanley tell an impressive story.

What makes Morgan Stanley a leader?
Morgan Stanley is one of the world’s largest and most respected financial services companies, with a long-standing reputation for excellence on a global scale. We have a remarkably broad and diversified business, providing financial products and services across all the world’s major markets.Above all, what has always made Morgan Stanley a leader has been the
exceptional talents and passion of our people. Wherever they work they share common business principles, starting with integrity and excellence in all that they do. Our people help Morgan Stanley to foster long-term relationships by providing our clients with consistently rigorous thinking, reliable execution, and unsurpassed access to financial markets.

For the record let me state that i dont have anything against the i-bankers. They are a pretty intelligent lot.

Love the way the placements scenario at the IIMs and the top-105 colleges put forth every year and you can bet that the salaries are usually USD -> INR ( at the point when the INR is at the most depreciated level) . Would love to see the placement scenario this year.

Fine , i think you get the point . so i wont rub it in , but as they say that every crisis is a learning , at least this crisis proves to me

1. Professionals at any level can make mistakes
2. Experts should always carry a sack of Salt
3. No skill is indispensable . So diverify.

The situation is sad and ironical but lets learn before we get the 'ibank syndrome'


Monday, September 01, 2008


Watching Rock on!! was like being transported to the day when our whole PG batch was watching DCH and guess what , this time I was watching it with office colleagues. One of my friends so aptly put it, "the movie world is changing with us"
This movie is definitely not about Rock music its about relationships in the backdrop of chasing ones dreams, making compromises , living life as per norms.
The movie is also about Rock music , complete with an "inspired" climax stage design from the Pink Floyd PULSE concert . All the tracks are awesome and after seeing the movie you will enjoy the tracks even more . In fact Farhan Akhtar is a revelation his imperfect voice is what gives depth to the songs. A rock song video simply wouldn't work when you know the guy is only lipsyncing. The songs just grow on you. Dominique is another revelations - great voice she has.

The only hitch, unlike DCH where you could identify yourself with at least one of the 3 characters or a mix of 2 , here not all the characters are fleshed out properly. You only get the hang of Aditya and Joe but the other two are merely sidelined and you cannot connect. Have taken half a star out just because of it. But again this is only because of the phenomenal precedence of a movie called DCH !

Thoroughly enjoyed it and reiterated my belief till now ; you may be good at your job but it doesn't mean that you like doing it. It is upto you to make a choice , and if you don't make your destiny somebody else will .
Cheers Enjoy