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Friday, November 09, 2007

Of Towels and Packs!

The term metrosexual male is been in vogue for quite some time however it has taken a fillip to the next level recently. The advent of salman, hritik , john and also the others "i go to the Gold gym" club had really turned the concept of a male macho unkempt sexy look on its head. Now even parlours claim in bold words that they do facials, pedicures and manicures for men.

despite all this , even now , if somebody asks you ...

"Hey dude, are you a metrosexual " .. you are unsure "Uh Huh!" you go .."what 'exactly' do u mean by a 'metrosexual' ? " ...."i am pretty straight you know" ... to the layman there is still a vestigial perception that a metrosexual male can either be a filmstar or a gay.

Now even this vestigial peception will be thrown out lock stock and barrel..... as on today.. the diwali . welcome the advent of the TOWEL and THE Six packs ...have you noticed , two of the most hyped movies in recent history are selling themselves on the towel and the six packs !!! where have the rain drenched sari clad heroines gone ?

Already i am reading in the reviews about how there is an 'item' number in both these films .... uh huh! Where are we headed ?

for the first time (in my limited knowledge ) the censor board has cut a scene from a sequence which happens to be a solo song of the ............HERO !!!!!

movies reflect the current culture , they say. they also act as tipping points for a culture to accept and change somethings . these two movies will probably bring about THE most fundamental change in the popular culture .

Finally guys will be able to claim that they are a metrosexual and not feel doubtful about it .

But where does all this lead the girls!!

I guess the filmmakers are killing many birds with one stone . Have an item number with a guy .. you get the girls swooning in , and you get a happy and gay section of the guys hooked .... at the end of the day you get the other guys too as most of their friends - guy or girl, is already hooked in so you dont have a choice . neat huh !

think Ms sawant will have to find an alternative career .. Looks like that the" Item song " market is in for a complete change where the product itself has changed. Sari sales will be the next affected.

I am getting the reviews that both Saawariya and Om Shanti Om are a dissappointing final product .. and if they dont do well then it is good news for all those engineering college guys who culd revel at the oppurtunity to watch a good item number , however if they do well .. then boys get ready to watch every tom , dick , harry , raj, rahul, vijay .... sporting a towel and low rise jeans, getting drenched in the rain and who knows even saying the line "Bachaooo Bachaoooo ".. very sooon.