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Monday, May 11, 2009

Kolkata Knight Rider - Now Fake IPL Logo !!!

The Fake IPL Player has been one of the most interesting things to happen in this IPL2.0 and has surely generated a lot of curiosity and controversy alike.

It doesn't take a scientist to see that something is wrong with the KKR camp and now that they would be coming back very soon doesn't help their cause .

But another blasphemous thing is noticed. The Brand name of KKR .

Just check out these two pics from the screen grabs taken just now 11th May 2009. The first one from the IPL home page and the second one from the KKR website

You notice anything different ??

The word KOLKATA doesn't feature in the KKR's logo on it own home page !!!! weird very very weird .

What the hell is wrong with the marketing team ? This leads to so many questions and most of them would lead to a controversy . I tried googling for any news on this but just found a few snippets here and there , not done at all.

I am quite surprised that Kolkattans have not yet raised a hue and cry over this ! There should have already been a bloggerstorm on this

all the other teams proudly sport the names of their cities and states on their logos . If the brand names of the teams are not sacrosanct then for a more international feel we should just stick to the second names of the teams like Daredevils , Royals etc etc why go through this whole charade of having a regional Indian state/city name to ride on a pseudo euphoria of regionalism ??!!!

Looking for answers !


P.S MY Apologies - this news HAS been posted earlier in April by Business Standard and also blogs like

But the IPL website is still carrying the old logo ! it surely looks too damn messed up to be true

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